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Home is the right refuge, a relax zone, that has to give protection, because  inside her all our anxieties must flew away.


Fabrics are pictorial inventions, travel photos, landscape memories, clothes used to "dress" home.

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Nowadays Donati is a real textile editor thanks to her years of experience, enriched and refined by the family’s “females” presences.


Our showroom is located in Turin: Corso Tassoni 66.

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Donati since 1936

Donati has born in 1936, with Remo Donati. As the years went by, his constant growth required to open new selling points, as well as to create an always more organised distribution line, a management based on a general centralised warehouse.

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are native talents and soul's characteristics that cannot be learned or taught but , more simply, we can just bring them up and express them.

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The home is the right refuge

that has to give protection, because inside her all our anxieties must flew away. It's inside her that we can find again our comfort, safety and confidence; each home reflects a personal style and way of life, composed by his own experiences, taste and passions. We love all things inside her because we feel them really of our own, and we can establish with them an emotional, visual and tactile relationship.

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