Donati Interiors

For DONATI INTERIORS, home is the right refuge, a relax zone, that has to give protection, because inside her all our anxieties must flew away. It's inside her that we can find again our comfort, safety and confidence; each home reflects a personal style and way of life, composed by his own experiences, taste and passions. We love all things inside, because we feel them really of our own, and we can establish with them an emotional, visual and tactile relationship.

Inside her, protected from the external world, our life goes back to her natural rhythms, through small and spontaneous gestures that allow us to regain possession of our spaces, made of volumes and surfaces. DONATI INTERIORS created a style.

Its fabrics are pictorial inventions, travel photos, landscape memories, clothes used to "dress" your home. Fabrics which release life, thanks to their sunny colours, always bright and vivid, never aggressive; sometime slender and gentle, playing between simple clear and dark shades of natural and beige, sometimes fresh and vivid like flowery meadows.

Inside "DONATI INTERIORS" home, the decoration creates sole atmospheres for real pleasant moments. Spontaneity of natural materials plays with creativity and high class touch.

Taste and elegance are native talents and soul's characteristics that cannot be learned or taught but , more simply, we can just bring them up and express them.

This is what happened to creation in DONATI INTERIORS. People of style studio, living in contact with a cultured and refined environn1ent, have been able to accomplish successfully the spiritual inheritance of a simple and sophisticated style, never banal.

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