Donati's History

Donati has born in 1936, with Remo Donati. As the years went by, his constant growth required to open new selling points, as well as to create an always more organised distribution line, a management based on a general centralised warehouse.

Nowadays Donati is a real textile editor thanks to years of experience, enriched and refined by the family’s “females” presences.

Mr and Mrs Donati have been for so many years the life and the soul of collections, being so able to interpret and filter, through their personal sensibility, the main fashion trends, developing styles always changing and evolving.

Actually, new Donati’s generation is following all this with the same passion, constantly searching new materials, drawings and colours in order to realize always new and fashion collections.

There is nothing which is so strictly pre-established while realising Donati fabrics, they just born from thoughts, sensations, emotions captured moving around in the world, or simply around ourselves, in a wonderful sunny day, and kept together in the wide range of proposals presented by Donati every year.